Top Trends in Patio and Deck Renovations

If you live in Australia, outdoor eating and entertaining is such a common event, especially around the warmer months and during almost every public holiday. For outdoor entertaining, decking provides an essential part of any outdoor living space, allowing homeowners to create a comfortable and functional area, usually forming a link between indoor and outdoor areas.
By incorporating decking into your backyard design in creative ways, allows you to achieve a balance between comfort, durability, and creativity. You can further improve the look and functionality and lifespan of your outdoor area using composite materials or installing pergolas. If you’re smart about the materials used as well as the layout of this space, these features will also increase the value of your home as well.
Below we’ll discuss some of the most significant decking trends, design tips and ideas that will be sure to give you the inspiration you will need to jumpstart your next outdoor home project!


The most important factor when building a deck is usable space. It’s key to have enough room for everything that needs to be there, including the barbeque, outdoor furniture, a dog house or anything else you keep outside. There also should be some space between these elements so as to not block doorways or not have enough room for people to walk around. There’s nothing worse than being trapped in a corner seat that requires 3 people to move just so you can get out.

Elevated decks are a practical choice to provide you and your family with under-deck storage space such as the lawn mower or other accessories, however this may depend on the layout of your property and the inclination of your land.

Such elevation can provide additional benefits such as better airflow on warm days or even provide you access to a better view of your property or surrounding landscapes, but do be mindful of council regulations regarding looking onto your neighbours. You could also choose a multi-tiered deck and add a dynamic addition to yard and spare your gathering from prying eyes.


Composite decking is a becoming popular choice because it requires less maintenance and is usually less expensive compared to wood. There are also options made from recycled plastic which are fashioned to look like wood, that are extremely durable and impervious to wood rot , and won’t swell or contract.
The appearance of many Australian Timbers are hard to beat. They will look great with their natural grains and finishes. Just make sure that they compliment the appearance of your home and that you are aware of what is required to maintain them.
It’s important when you build your deck to choose a material that will last a long time, with minimal maintenance. Keep in mind Australia has one of the harshest environments with extreme heat in the summer months and near freezing in the winter.


Poolside Patio

Incorporating a pool into your patio will give your yard a beautiful appearance and offers a sense of calmness. It crucial that you separate your pool with glass dividers to ensure you comply with regulations, keeping pets and children safe, but you can choose where this division happens. Allowing deck space within the enclosed area where you can lay out some deck chairs and a comfy outdoor couch with an umbrella that provides portable shelter and custom charm.


Garden and Fountain

Landscaping around your patio can liven up any outdoor space. Thoughtful use of flower beds to either surround your deck or highlight areas of your garden can really make any decking area look amazing. Looking to include permanent raised beds, boxes, or vertical planters on your deck to grow herbs or vegetables can help frame the edge of your deck while providing a nice view or scents.

Just be sure to choose a durable and rot-proof deck material if you opt for built-in garden beds as there is likely to be more moisture when the plants are watered. Also ensure the right plants are established, so that they have the right amount of sunlight and room to grow.  You probably don’t want to grow thorny roses right near an area that you often walk through, so seek professional assistance if you need guidance on what combinations of plants might best suit your garden.

Potted plants are an easy and often inexpensive way to define your deck. You can also add attractive features such as small fountains and illuminate them at night or bird feeders to work within your landscaping.

The modern world is a frantic place. So building yourself a place where you can stop and enjoy a few moments of tranquility is worth it. An outdoor timber deck has become a necessity for many homeowners, and it is the perfect place for relaxing after a rough day and letting your stress melt away.

Modern decks have evolved from being a mere hangout spot during summer to an extension of the home. Currently there are so many design ideas and inspired looks emerging to consider creating a deck to suit your needs, as well as your taste in style, and provide you with that extra space to use for entertainment or relaxation.