Swimming Pool Installation

Getting a new pool can be an exciting time for home owners, especially with the summer months approaching. It is a great investment for a family with kids, or just individuals or couples looking to cool off in the hot weather or do laps for fitness.

There are a number of tips when considering a new swimming pool:

  • Decide the shape of pool you want
  • Research the different types of pools
  • Work out a budget
  • Consider ongoing costs
  • Think about safety and energy efficiency
  • Choose a reputable pool builder


Swimming Pool Removal

On the flipside, a number of homes have swimming pools which are no longer required. They may have belonged to a previous owner of the house, or the family have outgrown the need for one, with kids growing up and moving out.

Removing a swimming pool is a big task, but when done right, it is not too much of a headache. And the benefits are obvious, allowing extra space in your yard which can be used for a patio, bbq area, garden or an array of other things. There are a number of tips when considering the removal of a swimming pool, which are coming soon.

For more information on removing pools in the meantime, visit Reverse Pools in Melbourne.

Looking After Your Swimming Pool

Maintaining your swimming pool is one of the key factors in maximising its use. Everyone loves to go swimming in their pool but noone likes to keep it clean and make sure it's looked after. Having a high quality pool pump will see that no debris gets stuck in the water and a filter will also assist.

Artificial grass is great around swimming pools. It means you will have less stuff to clog up the filter plus it doesn't get muddy and carry dust and dirt into the water. And the best thing is the grass stays green all year round.

For more info on artificial grass, visit Newturf Solutions.

Ordering pool chemicals to maintain the pH balance, reduce calcium buildup and keep other things at appropriate levels is also very important. If you neglect swimming pool maintenance it can make your pool deteriorate so ensure that you keep on top of things. This is crucial even during the winter months when you're not using it. You don't want to pull back the cover in October and find the pool in an unsable condition!!

If you need to seal up any areas to stop water damage, visit the Australian Institute of Waterproofing for info and a list of contracts in your area.


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