The part of a plumber is indispensable in any home renovation process. Hence finding a reputable, reliable and fully qualified one is of paramount importance. This is particularly relevant if you are remodelling your bathroom or kitchen.

A plumbers activity regularly includes ensuring the optimal placement and setup of pipes around the house, and keeping systems close together to minimise the costs of your renovation. They are also crucial when you have issues such as blocked toilets or drains, roof leaks, problems with your hot water system or checking your gas to ensure there are no leaks such as carbon monoxide which can be fatal.

Wellbeing and safety are two big keys factors a plumber must consider since they are dealing with heating systems, working with gas, and other roles.

Don’t simply disregard a plumbing leak or a blocked pipe. Leaks can lead to water damage which can lead to rusting or rotting, which will end up costing you a lot more in the long run! A blocked pipe puts stress on your home’s plumbing and can impact on water pressure, reducing it along with the projected lifespan of the system.

Reputable companies we recommend for various plumbing services

For body corporate plumbing projects we recommend Zero Plumbing. Located in Camberwell and servicing eastern Melbourne suburbs, Dave and his team have a lot of experience assisting the commercial strata industry and have plumbers to regular assist with ongoing maintenance.

For gas fitters there is no better plumbing company than Red Dog on the western side of the city. Steve and his team provide fast and repliable gas repairs including stove installation, gas pipe relocation and leak detection. If you're performing a renovation these services will come in very handy.

If you consider yourself a bit of a DIY handyman and think you can fix a plumbing issue, here are some tips to help you avoid calling a professional.



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