It's one thing to have your house looking great to people on the outside, but you will be spending most of YOUR time indoors. Therefore, the interior should be one of the most important things you consider during (and after) a renovation.

There are number of interior design features that should be implemented to ensure a high quality house on the inside.

Choose Functional and Attractive Window Coverings

sheer-blindsIt's amazing how the style of curtains and blinds can make or break the feel of a house. They help really bring a room together, and thus careful consideration should be given to select wisely. Every room in the house is different, in terms of style and functionality, so the right type of window covering is crucial.

If you're a DIY person and have a good eye for matching, then you might simply be able to buy some material and make your own curtains. But for the majority of people, it is worth getting an expert in to take a look. While you can still choose the style that suits your personality, they can give advice on what they think would work, both in terms of colours, and in the functionality.

Royal Crest Blinds will come into your home and do an assessment. They provide a no-obligation free measure and quote, so you can choose the right style, length and price for your specific requirements. Kresta has a large showroom where you can go view each and every style.


painting-wallYou'd be surprised how much a fresh coat of paint can liven up a home. Old dated rooms can suddenly shine with the right colour paint, and it's no wonder why it's one of the first things renovators look to do. Cost effective and visually effective, painting can be done yourself or left to the professions.

Burton's Painting is based in Ballarat in Victoria's west, and provides contractors to residential and commercial projects. Having worked on the Mars factory, they know how to get the job done, and no matter how small yours is, they will look after you.


No interior decorating would be complete without artwork and other design features. The pieces you choose can have a massive influence on the overall feel of your rooms, so choose wisely. You may go for:

  • paintings
  • prints
  • photography
  • sculptures

Be sure to complement other pieces in the room with the colours and designs you go for. Some great places to pick up original attractive artwork include:

Furnishing Your Home

Your furniture will also play a big part in the feel of your home. When considering this, you should look at 4 factors:

  • reliability
  • comfort
  • durability
  • look and feel

furniture-settingHigh quality furniture will obviously last longer, such as good standard wood or metal. Good brands will generally be made with better quality materials. Comfort needs to be at the forefront of your decision, especially in the living room, where you will spend most of your time. So your couches especially, should provide maximum comfort.

Durability is also a big thing for high usage items. They need to be able to take a lot of wear and tear and usage...especially if you have kids! Spending a bit more now can reduce the need for replacing items. And lastly, but most important to interior design, your furniture needs to look good. It needs to fit the style of the room, and in many cases it makes the feel of the room.

If expense is an issue, buying second hand quality furniture can be a great idea to furnish your home. Auction Houses such as Abbeys Auctions and Philips Auctions hold regular sales of household items, including both modern and antique furniture.

For people on a budget who want brand spanking new stuff, Fantastic Furniture and Super Amart have decent quality furniture at low prices. Please note, I say "decent" quality. If you want the very best, you need to pay for it!

As well as upgrading your furniture, ensuring your house has high quality products such as top brand fridges, heaters and coffee machines is important to keep the feel of the contents in line with the upgraded home. Other products to upgrade could include designer rugs, flat screen tv and a new spa bath.


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