Furnishing your home with high quality and attractive appliances can really go a long way in completing your home renovation. Nothing says upgrade more than the nicest designs in every room. Here are some products that we recommend spending the extra money on.

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Dishwashers are great at adding value to a home, as well as making it a lot more convenient when it comes to the washing up. But you shouldn't cut corners to save a few bucks as quality really matters.

Things to consider when buying a dishwasher include the energy rating, amount of water used, cleaniness of dishes afterwards and noise of the unit.

Our recommended brands include Miele and Bosch. For a range of proroduct reviews click here.


Another whitegood that you should budget for quality. Fridges contain your fresh food, which is basically your fuel for living! So you want them to be spacious, convenient and durable. What's more, they run 24 hours a day, so energy efficiency is a high priority!

White is cheaper but stainless steel can look very elegant. Other features to consider include separate veggie draw/crisper for longer freshness, ice and water makers, LED lighting, plus reinforced door hinges.

Our recommended brands include Fisher & Paykel and Kelvinator. For a range of product reviews click here.

optimaCofffe Machine

Most people love coffee and if you want to make it at home, you shouldn't rely on a kettle. Automatic coffee machines are becoming very popular in both homes and offices alike, and really improve the taste of your beverage.

Features include automatic milk frother, adjustable temperature selection, self cleaning and rinsing, touch screen, integrated rotary pump and coffee grinders.

Our recommend brands include Carimali and Scanomat. For a range of product reviews click here.


We spend a lot of time at home on the couch watching television. So it makes sense we have a quality tv. New models are always evolving and it's hard to keep up with the latest trends.

Features to look for include LED (how the screen is lit), HD (the definition of the picture, 1080p is good), refresh rate (in Hz, 100 is enough), and flat screen (no longer the trend?) Some are Smart TVs which means they have an internet connection allowing you to stream programs as well. Although an Apple TV costs $100 and will also do that for you.

Our recommended brands include LG, Sony and Samsung, with Panasonic a quality cheaper option. For a range of product reviews click here.


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